Media Center KODI

Turn your PC into an extraordinary Media Center

All Sport in HD on your PC, ALL FREE!!!

NBA, NHL, NFL, the main football games of all major leagues, all sports live and in HD



To know how to do:


Kodi Media Center, is a free, open source and cross-platform to catalog and play movies, music and photos.

The GUI is optimized for use with the remote control, a fact that makes the heir non-official (probably) deceased Windows Media Center and one of the best solutions for those who want to watch movies on the big screen in the living room instead of the small notebook display. Throughout this guide we will see how to install and perform basic operations to exploit the couch this evening …

A media center and ‘a computer with functionality’ multimedia connected to a TV all controlled with a traditional telecomando.Un special software makes it so simple to use the ?? make it difficult to recognize from a traditional computer. The purpose of a media center and ‘create a meeting point for all media streams of a house: you want to feel a disc? In a media center can store the entire ??

Your CD collection, choose what to listen to, create a compilation ?? To watch television?





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