Kodi Entertainment Center, It is a free, open source, cross-platform to catalog and play events, films, music and photos.

KODI To find out, click here.

To properly configure KODI, click here.


Simple tutorial on how to use KODI in a few simple steps, after you have installed and configured.

  1. Open KODI running the app or program
  2. In the Video section click on the key icons (for example of PRO Sports to see the US Sports)
  3. Choose the league (NBA [basketball], NHL [hockey], NFL [American football], MLB [baseball]) in which you are interested
  4. Enjoy the show!
  5. Bottom left (in Principalee menu) by clicking on to access the list of FAVORITE
  6. Scrolling through this list you can see every event and connect to all major world sports channels
  7. Clicking  you go back
  8. Clicking It returns to the Home of KODI
  9. Clicking exiting KODI

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